Success stories–till August 2009, SteelTailor family has 160 distributor members in 110 countries! The number is growing fast

Success stories–till  2016, SteelTailor family has 160 distributor members in 110 countries! The number is growing fast!

Trustworthy–we make business in a honest way. We stay sincere and trustworthy to our customers and partners. We provide products and services that will increase your competitiveness and profit.

Focused & Sharp–We focus on innovative, small and affordable CNC solutions.

Quality–we take quality as the life of SteelTailor. We wish to make SteelTailor a top world brand for over a century. Only good quality will help us to reach this target.

Innovation–Innovation in designing, in service, in partnership makes us unique and competitive

Prompt Reaction –We do everything to speed up our reaction to customer needs.

Devoted–6 languages customer service team (Chinese, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French);

Professionalism–strict and clear channel management protects distributors’ investment.