Full set for sale – Big sale of SteelTailor Portable CNC Cutting Machine

01 Jun

As known, SteelTailor SteelTailor POWER and SteelTailor VALIANT portable CNC cutting machine are the most classical portable cutting machines of SteelTailor. In order to repay the vast number of old and new customers,POWER and VALIANT will be on sale and full set for sale include cnc cutting machine, plasma power source and nesting software.  Please see below details:


1. POWER+AB100Epro+FastCAM Prof. Portable = 3890USD(Starting Price)

2. VALIANT+AB100Epro+FastCAM Prof. Portable = 4690USD(Starting Price)


THC as standard (both support plasma and flame cutting)

Two cutting area can be choose: 1200 x 2000mm /1800 x 3000mm

Minimum 2 Sets for sale,  Buy 10 get 1 set of AB100Epro & THC for free

POWER Serise total 24 Sets, VALIANT Series total 6 Sets.


POWER/VALIANT – Classical portable CNC cutting machine

Support plasma and flame

Arc voltage and capacitive sensing THC

Cutting area:

1200 x 2000mm /1800 x 3000mm


AB100EPro – Plasma power source

Piercing capability: 20mm

Edge start capability: 50mm

Cutting gas: air

Output current: 20-100A


FastCAM Professional Nesting Software ( Portable Version )

Function: Automatic nesting, co-edge, multi-part drawings…egc.

Cutting area: 1800mmx6000mm


First come first get!

Deadline: July 31th, 2018

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