COOL200-200W CO2 laser cutting machine

CLAYA станок для лазерной резки
CLAYA станок для лазерной резки

Economical Metal & Non-Metal Laser Cutting Machine

2mm steel plate & 20mm acrylic, one machine!

IDMLASERTM COOL200 is a CO2 laser cutting machine. COOL200 is able to meet customers’ different requirements for sheet metal and nonmetal cutting, e.g.carbon steel, stainless steel, acrylic plates, die_making board, etc. With unique technical advantages and high performance against cost, COOL200 offers an economical laser cutting solution to customers. As the leading product in its sector, COOL200 features low operating cost, long service life and easy maintenance with 200W CO2 laser generator.

Cost Performance Advantages

High performance improves production efficiency

  1. 2mm steel plate/20mm acrylic, easily realize by one laser machine;
  2. Lower requirements for technicians in debugging skills
  3. Ideal supplement  to high definition plasma cutting

Overwhelming Cost Advantages

  1. 10000 hours for quality cut and long service life of laser generator will largely lower the operating cost;
  2. Patented technology of laser generator brings the cost thousands of dollor lower than the competitors;

Better Cutting Quality

  1. Height control: automatic sensor height control system adapts to uneven surface of plates. The reaction speed of the sensor system is as high as 20000 mm/min, which ensures the whole cutting performance;
  1. Japanese servo drive & motor and high precision screw driving system ensure the positioning accuracy of 0.05mm;

Less Pollution, Less Damage

  1. High efficient fume exhaust collector is designed to prevent the pollution damage  to optical circuit, ball screw, guide, etc.

Cost-effective Laser Cutting Application

  • Sheet metal processing: automobile industry, metal plate processing industry, etc.;
  • Non-metal processing: sign-making business, die-making board, etc.;

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